Homeless in America.

Meet John. Yes, that is a skiing Glove on his foot. My best friend Rachel and I met John outside of tent City while we were serving food to the homeless.  John was outside of tent city and when we saw him we asked him if he wanted food. He said no, but we knew he did. He was skinny and looked scared. He did not trust us at first, but once we assured him we were there to help, he opened up to us. He said he had been run over by a train and his foot was mangled. After we brought him some food, we told him he need to go to the hospital to have his foot looked at. 

He did not want to go, but after some encouragement he agreed to go with us. We took him to the emergency room, he would not go into the room unless I went with him, so I did. I got to know him and he was the sweetest soul. He did not trust many people, but he let me into his heart. John had been homeless for many years, it seemed it was all he knew. 

The doctor was shocked he was walking around in his condition and gave him antibiotics and pain pills. We tried to get him into a shelter, but he refused. He stayed at tent city for a while and we always gave him food and blankets. Then he was gone, not sure what happened to John, but I pray he is ok. "Who can You help Today?"

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