September 4

About me:

A longtime friend of the late Clifford Dolan, may he live with God in Grace and with Peace. I found this page, only after learning how much Clifford had done with his life since I last saw him. He recently reached out to say hello and to let me know that he had written a book and that he taught ballroom dancing on Saturday nights., I unfortanately never did go out to dance with him and how I wished that I had made the time. Not only was I impressed with these things. I was really curious and wanted to know/see this new Cliff., time just didn't allow. Life, it's kind of funny/strange, we are supposed to listen to our instinct's, which we do, however, we also must act on the issue at present. After reading and learning what my ol friend Clifford was about, The Work he has put out The knowledge that he possessed. The wealth of information his resume revealed. He literally could have saved me years of agony, years of not understanding. He would have been so so interesting to speak too. To learn from. For this, I am so saddened. I sure wished I had made that dance. I for sure will be obtaining his book and reading it as well. I hope that I am able to find peace within the cover. Rest in Peace Cliff, I'm so proud of what you have done.