Prescott, AZ


November 18

About me:

I’m a Yoga teacher/student and Yoga pant designer. I’m starting a passion project with my line of Yoga Leggings. My line features nature scenes printed right on the pants, and I would like to start donating 100% of profits from my pants to help assist the prevention of homelessness. I’m trying to find organizations to donate that correspond with the region my pant design relates to. For example one pair features Antelope Canyon, so I would like the profit to go to homeless needs in Northern Arizona. Another pair I have is of New York City, so those profits would go to the homeless needs in NYC. Eventually I would like a pair of pants for each state in the US and eventually branch out to other countries. The pants feature scenes from a place we all call home, however not everyone has a home and I would like to help change that.