Thank you so much for making a profile here and being part of the Homeless Friend Project. 

We plan to to help people connect and help the homeless online and off. 

Here's a quick overview. 

1. Spread Peace Chapters

When the book comes out we will support people that want to go out in their community and share food and life saving supplies with the homeless.

2. Online Advocacy

We will be providing info-graphics stories and more that people can share online to help bring awareness to homeless issues.

Thanks for be part. I really appreciate everyone that is helping get the community started before we have all the bells and whistles in place but know you are helping and part of something that hope will help our homeless friends all over America.   

This is a video that was made in one 24 hour period on the streets of Reno, Nevada. Three of the people you see in the video died that following winter when the temperatures dropped below freezing. 

If you want to start a Chapter in your community we will make you a logo and some of the other items mentioned in the upcoming book. 

Don't forget to ask yourself, "Who can I help today?"


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