Hi, I'm Tysha :)

I grew up in Las Angeles, we had homeless people sleeping on our lawn. Children are naturally compassionate, so as a young child I always wanted to help them. My mom was a vegetarian and when she would take me to the grocery store down the street, she would let me pick out sandwiches to give to all the homeless people on the way back home.

I so appreciate she let me be kind and allowed me to stop and talk with them and give them something nutritious to eat. It always made me so sad. I couldn't understand why so many people were living on the streets.

I later told my parents that when I grew up I was going to make sure everyone had a home. I have not been able to meet that goal, but my husband and I did start Spread Peace USA and now Homeless Friend.

Helping people that find themselves without a home is my passion. I truly appreciate you coming here and being part. Together we can help bring awareness to the challenges our homeless friends face on the streets every day and hopefully inspire people to start Spread Peace Chapters in communities across America.


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  • God bless you 

    Orlando homeless 

    Anna Kinslow

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