24 Hours on the Streets


This video always brings tears to my eyes. That is because a couple of our homeless friends in this video died on the streets.  My dad is a profesiional photograher, he was the Lakers team photograher in the 80;s. He came out to visit My husband Chris and I and spent the night taking pictures of us with our volunteers, feeding and giving clothes to the homeless.  The pictures shows what it's like living homeless, and the faces of our homeless friends recieving the love and kindness of volunteers of S[read Peace USA.  

Being on the streets is my passion, I wish every homeless person had proper shelter and food, but untill then we need groups of compassionte volunteers to help show love and kindness towards our homeless community. Unfortunately the homeless popultion is growing daily, and we are seeing more homeless family's with children living on the streets and in motels.  It's very heart wrenching to see a child, as seen in this video, or an elderly person living cold, and hungrey.  

I am heart broken to say the woman, Francis at the end of this video, was actually living in a bathroom stall.  Spread Peace brought her blankets and food daily. We even had a few people ask her to live with them.  She would always say she was meant to live on the streets to help others. She was helping take care of another woman living in the bathroom.  

Then one day, we went to see her in the bathroom and they had it locked down. We found out they got kicked out of their only shelter. A few days later Francis passed away getting coffee at mcdonalds. We were all so heart broken. Nobody deserves to live in a puplic bathroom. It unexeptable. We can do better than this.

What I do no forsure is a small or large group of people, coming together to help the homeless makes a big difference in their lives. Not only in their survival needs, but also in their well-being, knowing people actually care. 

So ask Yourself, "Who can you helmp today?" 

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