Homeless Man Found Burned to Death

Homeless Man Found Burned to Death
FAYETTEVILLE, AR "Unfortunately someone died last night, and it won't be the last until we can put in a long term solution," said Billy Rader, 7 Hills CEO. 
7 Hills Homeless Center confirms the man who was found was a client of theirs. The facility is just a few feet away from where his body was discovered. 
"We do know that it was a day center client of ours. He was receiving Hospice Care here for a terminal life situation, and it's just tragic," said Rader
The center believes the NWA community needs to become more aware of the 3,000 homeless living in Fayetteville. 
"I think it 's very surreal, and the whole community should kind of try and wrap their head around the fact that we're talking about a end of life hospice care for somebody who's really in a bad spot. And the fact that they were living in a tent. I think the two are a little irreconcilable. I think the community needs to take a hard look at what we're doing to address homelessness," said Rader.
Rader added,"We have yet to get serious about addressing homelessness. We have a mitigation strategy, and until we actually start supporting the non-profits that deliver services to homelessness, and be strategic about's going to be like this year after year." 
7 Hills said many people at the center knew the victim. "We have a lot of people over here in our day center that are struggling. This was their friend, they knew him..they had relationships with him We knew him, and a human being lost his life last night so ultimately..we're struggling," said Rader. 
"It's unfortunate because that's somebody's dad..somebody's grandpa. It wouldn't be okay for our family, and it shouldn't be okay for another Northwest Arkansas citizen homeless or not," said Rader. 
Police are still investigating the cause of death. 

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